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aMule is a multi-OS port of eMule.

aMule is a free peer-to-peer file sharing Application software that works with the EDonkey network and the Kad Network, offering similar features to eMule and adding others such as GeoIP (country flags). It was fork (software development) from the xMule source code in September 2003, which itself is a fork of the lMule project, which was the first attempt to bring the eMule client to Linux. These projects were discontinued and aMule is the resulting project, though today, aMule has less and less resemblance to the client that sired it.

aMule shares code with the eMule Project and includes no adware or spyware as is often found in proprietary P2P applications. The credit and partial downloads files from eMule can be used by aMule and viceversa, making program substitution simple.

aMule aims to be portable over Cross-platform|multiple platforms and is doing this with the help of the wxWidgets library. Current supported systems include Linux, Mac OS X, various BSD|BSD-derived systems, Microsoft Windows|Windows and Solaris (operating system)|Solaris. Beside the stable releases the project also offers SVN versions as an unstable release.

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