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Sets who can list all the files you share. Possible values are:

 0: No one
 1: Friends only
 2: Everyone

Older version did not had the friends only choice, and used a boolean value instead.

By default, other users can list all the files you're sharing (2). While this feature can be very helpful to others, you may not like it, or feel that it's too dangerous. Set allow_browse_share to a lower level. Users looking for specific files will still be able to retrieve them from you (and know that you have them).

eMule defaults to only allowing browse from friend users, so you may not be able to browse many other clients' shared lists.

You should not have a too high sense of false security about that feature, (master) servers you connect to, for example, need to receive your whole shared files list.

You can also only partially hide your share list with the "hidden dot" hack.

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