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How to Download a File Using BitTorrent

  1. All recent binaries are compiled with BitTorrent support and this network is usually enabled by default.
    If it disabled::
    1. Switch the plugin on:
      ~> set enable_bittorrent true
    2. Alternatively, in mldonkey_gui, use the "Network" menu to switch it on
  2. Start a download:
    ~> dllink http://........../.../...torrent

If the download does not start after a few seconds, it is possible that the WEB server could not be contacted for some reason. Either retry or abandon.

You can also download the .torrent file (with your browser or wget), and then add the local .torrent file.

Question: how can i add a local .torrent file?
Answer: dllink accepts local filenames: dllink /path/to/.../file.torrent

Question: well ... doing so results in "Unable to match URL" .... (MLNet 2.5-3). what does that mean ?
Answer: MLdonkey only recognizes torrents when the file ends in .tor or .torrent, either rename or try adding &.torrent after the filename.

Torrent won't go to mldonkey queue via dllink

The command may not work as some sites require a http referrer or cookie to download the .torrent file which mldonkey dllink does not provide. To work around simply download the .torrent via a web browser to a local directory the mldonkey process has access to. Test for this case by trying several different sites before moving on to another possibility.

Explanation found at:

(Deprecated) Torrent loads into mldonkey queue but stays at 0% forever

Possibly max_hard_download_rate is set to 0. This is supposed to mean "no download limit", but for bittorrent it seemed to mean no download bandwidth. Set value to higher limit via console command:

~> set max_hard_download_rate 200

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