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Main binaries and sourcecode downloads on Sourceforge
This page replaces Spiralvoice old core downloads page.


Project pages, Forum, Mailing Lists, Useful stuff

Project pages Forums/Mailing Lists Useful stuff

Official Project Homepage
Official Developer Page
- patches
- bug reports
- feature requests

Freshmeat Project Page

Official CVS repository
Changelog < 2.8.0

Mulus SVN
Mulus Changelog

English Forum
Deutsches Forum
Forum français
eDonkey2000 forum for Mac

User mailing list archive
Bugs mailing list archive
Tasks mailing list archive
CVS mailing list archive

Mozilla/Firefox Protocol handler: catch ED2K links
Mozilla/Firefox MLDonkey extension
KDE emulecollection helper
Donitor bandwidth monitoring
Guarding.p2p (mirror) MLDonkey's IP blocklist
Autosearch search script
Qsubmit QT link submitter
mlLink C# .NET link submitter
Gnome URL slave
mldonkey GUI plugin for VDR
Incoming Viewer PHP-based incoming dir manager is an autodownloader for MLNet, that uses a BT RSS feed
eDonkey connection tester: [1] [2] [3]

Opt_mlnet for FLI4L router

Third party cores, GUIs, Distributions

Third party cores GUIs Distributions

FreeBSD ports
OpenBSD ports
NetBSD ports
Mac Darwin ports
MorphOS cores
BeOS cores

Sancho GUI
KMLdonkey for KDE and KDE4
Rmldonkey GUI Cross-platform GUI written JRuby and Swing
G2Gui - G2Gui Changelog
MLDonkeyWatch 1.20 - 2.00
Cocodonkey native MacOSX Cocoa client
Web-GMUI PHP fork of Zuul
phpEselGui another PHP GUI
Swinging MLDonkey Java GUI based on java.swing

Onager PalmOS GUI
Burro Cross-platform GUI written in C# and GTK#
wmldonkey WindowMaker dockapp
Gkremldk GKrellM plugin
Nulu-Gui-ML MLDonkey GUI for android

emerge net-p2p/mldonkey (Bugs)
apt-get install mldonkey-server (Bugs)
Backport for Sarge
(for GUI: apt-get mldonkey-gui)
apt-get install mldonkey-server (Bugs)
RedHat/Fedora: (Bugs)
Livna (Bugs)
Ark Linux apt-get install mldonkey
Alt Linux (Patches) (Bugs)
Solaris 8,9,10,11 Sparc/x86 CSW:
pkg-get -i mldonkey (Blastwave)

CVS commands

How to get the latest MLDonkey source code from CVS?
cvs -z3 co -P mldonkey
How to get OCaml source code from SVN?
svn co ocaml-3.12.0

developers stuff

Introduction to functional programming, in french, with OCAML examples.
A nice introduction to OCAML for people who already know imperative languages like C, etc.
Excellent MIT online book to understand the functional programming paradigm. They use Scheme, but almost all concepts apply to all functional languages, including Ocaml of course ;)
ed2k-tools is a collection of little helper tools for the eDonkey2000 and Overnet file sharing programs.

LanguagesEnglish  • Русский

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