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ED2K-upload_lifetime is the time in minutes for every upload session, then the upload slot is removed unless pending slots are empty.

If ED2K-dynamic_upload_lifetime is true, uploaders that received at least dynamic_upload_threshold * 180kB and that received more than what they sent, will be dropped after upload_lifetime * (data received / data sent) minutes.

If dynamic_upload_lifetime is true, ED2K-dynamic_upload_threshold is the minimal amount of data to send for every upload session, expressed in blocks of 180 kBytes, limited by upload_lifetime. For example, if you want to emulate the ED2K-upload_full_chunks option as minimal amount, you can set it to 53 and MLDonkey will try to send at least 9,540 kBytes, where with upload_full_chunks it sends 9,520 kBytes.

In all cases, if the file has a download priority, it gets a 5 * file download priority seconds connection time bonus (or malus). For example, with the default value of upload_lifetime = 90, and a file with "high" priority (10), a peer that received twice as much as it sent will be disconnected after 45 minutes and 50 seconds, if dynamic_upload_lifetime enabled and the peer received at least the dynamic_upload_threshold, else 90 minutes.

Default value

ED2K-upload_lifetime is 90.
ED2K-dynamic_upload_lifetime is false.
ED2K-dynamic_upload_threshold is 10.

See also

dynamic_slots, max_upload_slots, nolimit_ips, priority, uploaders, ED2K-upload_complete_chunks, ED2K-upload_full_chunks



Traditionally, MLdonkey did not try to put an upper bound to what is sent to an uploader, or how long it can upload.
Since "2.5-4+2 Jan 14th, 2004" commit, uploaders are dropped after upload_lifetime minutes.

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