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At least for mldonkey-2.5.28 the former info

Contrast: The [[enable_donkey]] option turns on the servent (client/server) portion of
mldonkey/mlnet that connects you to the network. You can share and retrieve files
with [[enable_donkey]].

[[enable_server]] is normally false.
[[enable_server]]=true turns on an -additional- server function. It turns your 'mldonkey/mlnet
servent' into a full server on the edonkey network, supporting hundreds of other clients.
Similar to running a dedicated server + the mldonkey/mlnet servent.
For those reasons, running with the [[enable_server]] function takes up a LOT of resources
on your computer.

Again, do not confuse this setting with [[enable_donkey]], that is the only setting needed
to fetch and share files.

is IMHO ..., hmmm ... wrong.

_there's still a src/networks/server directory with code, but code to compile it seems to have disappeared from the Makefile. So you're right, that feature can be considered dead._

_Uuh strange. Instead of being removed at once, that feature was renamed [1.32&r21.33 Cymes] (which seems to be an experimental network at the INRIA). Was that feature really compatible with donkey clients ? Did it fork from the donkey network since then ? Probably only b8_bavard could tell us the whole story..._

So, if you want to you use the eDonkey network,

 set enable_donkey to true (to use it as a peer), and
set enable_servers to true to enable connections to eDonkey servers if you want to use them to search for sources etc.

See also

LowID, force_high_id, id, enable_servers

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