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Export Temp Files explained

The most easy way to do it is setting up a donkey server in a small lan and connecting both clients to this server to download the files directly, This would only transfer the completed chunks but you will get it done really fast. -> How do you set the speed to \"really fast\"? How do mldonkey and edonkey know that they are just transferring a file in a lan (and use top lan speed) and not between internet peers (modem/dsl speed) ? The second way is to go to the mldonkey sources and write such a program (or does anybody has a link for some one done it already?)

Export files to eDonkey

\"Tutorial: How to move a partial downloaded file from MLdonkey to eDonkey

  1. Don't try this if anybody tell you always: \"You have two left hands\"
  2. Don't try this if you not familiar with command line tools.
  3. It is, maybe, dangerous for your data.
  4. Don't blame me if something goes wrong. (it works for me several times w.o. problems, but that means nothing)
  5. Don't ask me for further assistance

Enter 'save' in MLdonkey console.

Take your prefered editor and search or grep for the MD4 string of the transfer candidate in MLdonkey/files.ini The NAME and SIZE is some lines down. Copy NAME, SIZE and the MD4 string in that skeleton:


Enter the Win/Lin eDonkey console and type 'dllink ' and cut/paste the ed2k:// link in. If the link is o.k., the Donkey will tell you \"Downloading: <NAME>\"

Let the Donkey get the MD4s of the chunks. That means wait until a new .part.met appears in the Donkey temp dir which is _greater than 200 Bytes_. (07.part / 07.part.met for example) That coud take between some seconds and several hours, depending on how popular your file is. If the .part.met is build, _STOP the Donkey_. It does not hurt when the download has started a little bit.

Pause the transfer candidate in MLdonkey. Again, enter 'save' in the MLdonkey console.

Get Tim's Donkey ( [1] ) .part.met-recover-tool and put it in the Donkey program dir.

Move the MLdonkey/temp/89A8BE614B704F7AEFB3504C6F4254E2 (example) file in the Donkey/temp dir and overwrite the Donkey 07.part (example) file with it.

Start the .part.met-recover-tool with 'ed2k_recovermet temp/07.part' It takes some minutes to verify the partitial downloaded file. At the end of the recover run, the recover program asks you for confirmation to write a new .part.met file. Choose your file.

Rename the old 07.part to that name, the recover program told you. (e.g. 09.part) Delete the old 07.part.met file.

Cancel the download of the file in MLdonkey, because it's moved.

Start the Donkey now. %%% The Donkey tell you now: \"Corruption found in <NAME> at xx\" - This is normal, that means only that the Donkey mask out the non downloaded chunks.

Ready, nothing is lost, the file is moved, the download goes on. \" %%%

 Source: Ayn in [2]

If eMule can read eDonkey .part and .part.met files, it may work with eMule too.

20050224: None of the links work!


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