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~> force_download


if you already downloaded a file, but want to download it again (maybe you accidentally deleted it), mldonkey tells you 'file already downloaded'. after this, type 'force_download'.


~> dllink ed2k://....

file already downloaded

~> force_download

(the download starts nevertheless)

mldonkey uses the old_files list to detect already downloaded files. So, you can also remove hashes from that list (while the core isn't running) to avoid using the force_download command.

See also d, dd, dllink, keep_cancelled_in_old_files, display_downloaded_results

If you use the webinterface, you can't use force_download if you clicked a link in a search result window (even though the error message indicates that should do that). Rather, you have to figure out the ed2k-URL (how do you do that from the search window???) and in the input field enter

dllink <the URL>

and then use force_download in the input field.

Now if just someone could explain how you figure out the URL from the search window...

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