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Opcode Name Format Description

FileInfo: Files of Download List

Int32 File Identifier
Int32 File Network Identifier
List of String Possible File Names
Char[16] File Md4 (binary)
Int64 File Size
Int64 Downloaded
Int32 Number of Sources
Int32 Number of Clients
FileState Current State of the Download
String Chunks (one char by chunk: 0 = missing, 1 = partial, 2 = complete, 3 = verified)
List of (Int32, String) Availability, the int32 is the network number, the string as before (one char by chunk, 0-255 sources)
Float Current download speed
List of Int32 Chunks Ages in seconds
Int32 File Age (seconds since download started)
FileFormat File Format
String File Preferred Name
Int32 File Last Seen complete in seconds
UInt32 File Priority (example: Very Low: -20, Low: -10, Normal: 0, High: +10, Very High: +20)
String File Comment (used?)
List of String (network specific) links to the file (ed2k URN etc.)
List of (String, Int64, String) Subfiles (list of name,size,format)
String File Format (by image magic library) NOTE: this and the following values are part of protocol > 40
List of (Int32, Int8, String, Int8, String) Comments (list of IP, geoIP, name, rating, comment)
String File User
String File Group
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