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Opcode Name Format Description

Message Versions

List of (Int32, Int8, Int32) The first int32 is an opcode message, the second one is 0 for FromTheCore or 1 for FromTheGui, and the last one the protocol version to use for that message.

This message must be sent only to increase or decrease the protocol version on some messages in the range accepted by the core, i.e. between 0 and the version sent in the CoreProtocol message. For other messages, the core uses the minimum of the versions in the CoreProtocol and GuiProtocol messages.

If a GUI expects to use a special version for a message, and the version is not supported by the core (greater than the CoreProtocol version), the GUI should disconnect as the core will not be able to correctly encode or decode the messages (it will use the version specified in CoreProtocol instead of the one expected by the GUI).

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