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Running MLdonkey as a WinNT/2K/XP Service


Every new MLdonkey user will most probably be greeted with the black & white console window upon running mlnet.exe, and the first thought that comes to mind might be: "Am I supposed to live with this thing?!". Currently mlnet.exe (the core program for MLdonkey) can't be installed as a service on its own, but several tricks exist that may help overcome this.


hidewndw.exe /r mlnet.exe

if you want the window back, run hidewndw.exe with no args!


Here's another cure, you can avoid seeing the console window every time you run MLdonkey and you can configure it to start automatically with Windows. The solution is Launcher Service (I've only tested this with XP)

Get it from NeToSoft Projects

Update: I use Launcher Service(LaunchServ) now instead of SrvAny or NSSM, since it's made with MLDonkey in mind. Credits goes to the author.

WARNING: The steps below are meant for experienced users only. I cannot be held responsible for any damage caused.

MLdonkey > Wrapper (LaunchServ.exe) > Service Control Manager > Windows

As a service, a program is given the privilege to survive Logoff / Logon sequences as well. For more info on using and installing LaunchServ, refer to readme.txt contained in the zip file.

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