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> import_temp "<edonkey temp directory path>"

eDonkey --> MLD

Simply use import_temp with the eDonkey temp dir or make it like discribed in ImportDownload

eMule --> MLD (old and secure way)

Try to import partial downloads from an official eDonkey client.

The 'import_temp works with Edonkey and eMule/lMule files. Here's a rough translation from the FAQ section of the german MLD board:

  1. install Edonkey 2000 v. 61
  2. move your eMule downloads into the eDonkey tmp directory
  3. start eDonkey, wait until hashing ends
  4. quit eDonkey
  5. start MLD
  6. Console or telnet-interface: import_temp path_to_EDtmpdir/name_of_EDtmpdir
  7. wait
  8. wait longer
  9. try to wait..........

(I know of one who grew impatient after 30 minutes. As I can't speak from experience I was wondering how long others have been waiting.) MLD 2.04r1 imports emule temp files. But not bugfree - at some tempfiles it loses chunks so keep you backups!

eMule --> MLD

import_temp works fine with the eMule temp-dir Tested with v2.5.28 without any problems. You can see progress on console with \"-stdout true\". My sancho and kmldonkey lost connection during import.

See also

import, recover_temp, ExportTempFiles, RelocatingTemp, ImportDownload (This is a workaround)

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