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Mlnet clients for Mac OS X :

CocoDonkey is a native Cocoa client for the mldonkey daemon. It provides the basic useful features in a comprehensive and easy to use Gui.
mlMac is a Gui for mldonkey. It manages the daemon for you: it downloads it on the first launch, and can update it when a new version is available. Advanced users can choose a custom folder for the IniFiles and can connect to a distant daemon. Infos
It is written in Java using the SWT widget toolkit and can be compiled on multiple platforms with the gcj compiler to native machine code (java=slow and bulky? not anymore! no external java runtime required!). Windows, Linux, OSX and other popular operating systems are supported.\" Sancho] provides an easy to use, powerful, and configurable gui, currently supporting the gui protocol of the popular mldonkey core ...
xDonkey is a graphical user interface (Gui) for Mac OS X written in Cocoa that allows you to control the mlnet daemon included inside or a previously installed copy on your mac or local network. No need to launch it with a script or the Terminal, you control everything from xDonkey, starting/stopping the mlnet daemon, organising temp and download folders, controling your downloads, search, server lists, diagrammed statistics, complete access to all of mlnet's functions.

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