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Allow you to limit the number of files MLdonkey will try to retrieve at once (defaults to 60 files at once).

If you have more files in your download list than this value, some files will be put in \"queued\" state, until some files are completed (or you change that setting).

MLdonkey will keep files with higher priority first; If files have the same priority, it will keep files that are already the most completed.

Tip: if you want to download a full serie of files, but can't afford the disk space, you can still submit all the links at once; Then give the files decreasing priorities (for example -1 for the first file, -2 for the second,...), and lower max_concurrent_downloads so you never end up in a deadlock, with no disk space and too many files half completed...

Tip 2: from some sources, Lugdunum servers starting from version p75 keep some kind of \"search credit\" per IP, an ban clients that send too many requests; They suggest not downloading more than 30 files at once to avoid being banned using clients not designed for that new limitation (whether \"30 files\" applies to eMule only, or to any eDonkey client, this is not clear). So keep your max_concurrent_downloads low.

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