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from pango tuning howto:

mldonkey 2 can now use UDP to send requests to servers it's not connected to (eXtended Search packets), so it's no longer critical to be connected to many servers at a time. Connecting to several servers improves the \"visibility\" of the files you share, and can be used to retrieve server lists (if you like automatic updates of server lists), but that's about it.

So, setting max_connected_servers to 1 should be ok for most people.

Also, mldonkey has an hardcoded limit of 3 for that setting. Do not try to bypass it, being connected to too many servers would be bad for the network (waste of slots).
MLdonkey was not respecting this limit until a few weeks (May 2004). When you put a high limit, it is unusefull and mldonkey will diconnect progressively from some servers until you are only connected to three servers.

__Q: __ Using 2.5.3 release, with max_connected_servers=1, i'm always connected to __TWO__ servers, is there a way to effectively be connected to only __one__ server ? _disable servers walking (max_walker_servers = 0) /Pango_

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