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max_hard_download_rate determines the combined maximal rate (in kB/s) at which your client accepts data from the network. That includes both control and data packets, for both peers and servers.

The value of max_hard_download_rate must be a positive integer; the value of 0 denotes no limit.

It should be specificly noted that this is NOT the rate at which your computer receives data for MLdonkey from the network, but the speed at which MLdonkey accepts the data. It means that the nettwork usage can easily spike above that value until the TCP/IP stack buffers are filled up and protocol flow control kicks in, asking the remote side to hold off the data flow; similarily, even when the remote side stops sending data, MLdonkey will keep accepting whatever slack is left in the protocol buffers until they're exhausted.

Both max_hard_download_rate and max_hard_upload_rate affect the quality and speed of your download. Finding the proper values and balance between them might be a lengthy but rewarding process.

Default value

Default value for max_hard_download_rate is 0 (no limit)


This option is stored in downloads.ini


> set max_hard_download_rate 10

See also

max_hard_upload_rate, strict_bandwidth, TrafficShaping


It looks like the value of 0 (unlimited) somehow breaks BitTorrent downloading.

2004/05/05: Fabrice (version 2.5.21 = 2.6pre3, tag release-2-5-21)

  For some reason, download seems to be limited to max_hard_download_rate/2.
     Try to increase this option until a fix is found.
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