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~> merge <download num1> <download num2>


Allow to download the same file from different networks at once.

From changelog:

2004/08/16: Fabrice [...]
  - CommmonSwarming2:
      * New "merge f1 f2" command to declare that data from file f2 should be
          saved in file f1. Note that all the data already downloaded to f2 is
          currently lost.

It's up to you to check that it's the same file that's being retrieved from the different networks. Most networks use different hashing algorithms, so checking cannot always be fully automated (maybe in the future, with the help of other peers, or services like

Swarming is still (Dec. 9th 2004) experimental, and may need that you compile your core with --enable-swarming2. If it breaks, you can keep the pieces.


by b8_bavard :

Latest cores (above 2.5.28) contains an experimental feature: swarming between networks. you should be able to use it to download the same file from Edonkey, Bittorrent, Gnutella1/2, fileTP and Fasttrack.

To use it, start the different downloads of the file on the different networks (at least one of the downloads MUST be either on Edonkey or Bittorrent currently, since only these networks can verify the integrity of the files), and pause them before any download start.

Then, use the console command:

 merge <file_num1> <file_num2>

to tell mldonkey that file <file_num2> should be attached to file <file_num1>. <file_num1> MUST be either on Edonkey or Bittorrent for the moment.

Any data already downloaded on <file_num2> is lost (for the moment, should be changed later ). Then, mldonkey should reply that the two files have been merged. You can attach as many files as you want to the <file_num1>, but you cannot attach files that have already been attached somewhere else.

Once files have been attached, it means: "cancel" on any of the files will cancel ALL the files. "commit" on any of the files after the download is finished will commit the file <file_num1> and cancel all the attached files.

The download rate and % is the sum of all downloads for all attached files for <file_num1>, whereas it is only the current download of the file for other attached files (ie only <file_num1>, the primary, gives you the total number of bytes downloaded, whereas the other files (the secondaries) only give you the bytes downloaded for them and given to the primary).

You cannot "unmerge" files, but you can pause the ones that you want to stop, and wait for the download to finish with the other ones.

This is COMPLETELY experimental. Before merging the files, you MUST be SURE that they are the same one, otherwise the downloads may never finish....

See also

mirror, for FileTP downloads only

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