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There is a new fixed mlfixed2.reg available now: [mlfixed2.reg] BROKEN?

If the Link is broken follow these commands:

Create a new File called mlfixed2.reg (or whatever) and then Copy and Paste :

@=\"URL: ed2k Protocol\"
\"URL Protocol\"=\"\"



@<code>\"\\"IEXPLORE.EXE\\" \\"http://admin:@</code>dllink+%1\\"\"

Save the File and add this information to the Registry by double clicking it.

_Notice: By editing the IP from you should be able to control your mldonkey via the LAN or Internet with your Internet Explorer._

With W2k it needed to add \"REGEDIT 5.0\" to look like this:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ed2k]] @<code>\"URL: ed2k Protocol\" \"URL Protocol\"</code>\"\"



@<code>\"\\"IEXPLORE.EXE\\" \\"http://admin:@hostname:port/submit?q</code>dllink+%1\\"\"


Also have a look at Taros's MLdonkeySubmit application for windows and linux. good for people who don't trust IEXPLORE.EXE for anything, or don't like messing with the registry. Also support authentication.

Get it at [1]. (broken)

_- say, when do we get support for bittorrent links?_

Hmm.. This somehow doesn't work with my linux mld anymore. (Got a MLNet 2.5-21)

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