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MorphOS is an powerful yet light weight Operating System built for the PowerPC CPU inside the Pegasos. MorphOS is built for the user, it is simple to use so you don't need hours of training or need to remember complex commands, it features super fast responsiveness so you don't have to wait and is fully configurable and skinnable allowing you to change it to look and feel any way you want. With MorphOS you are the master!

MorphOS has an active user and developer community with plenty of software in development. It also includes a fast JIT emulator so you can run many of the titles from the classic Commodore Axx00 series of computers.

Information webpages:

Pegasos is a PPC motherboard that supports various OSes.

The MorphOS release does not only come with the mlnet binary which was done by Sigbjørn Skjæret using his Objective Caml port for MorphOS, it also features some extra stuff like zuul, an open-source PHP interface for MLdonkey, which was adjusted for use with Amiga browsers.

Website of the MLdonkey port for MorphOS:

Newer versions at

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