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mtu_packet_size is only used for TCP overhead estimation; so if your MTU is much lower than 1500, it will improve estimator accuracy.

1492 is not much lower than 1500 ;)

_didn't make me much wiser =(. anyone care to elaborate? /Kokamomi_

_The Internet is a switched network, communications are broken down in IP packets and multiplexed with others on the network. The MTU (Maximum Transmit Unit) is the size of the biggest packets you can send (~). Since each packets adds some bytes to the transmitted data, knowing your MTU is necessary to evaluate the number of packets necessary to send some amount of data, and from there the amount of overhead. 1500 is a commonly found MTU value, but some ADSL links using PPPoE protocol have a MTU of 1492 (because the PPPoE protocol itself adds 8 bytes of overhead). Yet MLdonkey uses the mtu_packet_size parameter only for estimations*, so it doesn't make much difference if you don't adjust that parameter in that case._

_You can check the MTU of your interfaces using the ifconfig command under Unix and Unix-like operating systems._

_(~) This is only a very basic* explanation about MTU, you can read much more about it on any serious book about the TCP/IP protocols family. /Pango_

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