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Non-scalar options contain not a single value, but a list of values.

Most of these options (such as server_black_list, port_black_list) can not be viewed or modified through the interface directly; though some of them can be added elements to in an indirect way by the use of specially designed commans, such as bs and bp. The only other way to modify these value is by directly editing the appropriate .ini files.

However, a little number non-scalar options (such as allowed_ips) can be accessed and modified from the interface by the means of vo (or voo) and set commands. For those options, list must be provided in space-separated format and enclosed in quotes. Refer to particular option description for details.


server_black_list (from donkey.ini file):

 server_black_list = [

Setting allowed_ips from the telnet interface:

> set allowed_ips \"\"

See also

server_black_list , port_black_list, allowed_ips, nolimit_ips. allowed_commands, web_infos, exclude_peers, known_servers

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