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~> nu ~<num>


Disables MLDonkey uploads for ~<num> minutes. It can be used to temporarily free your outgoing bandwidth for other urgent purposes.

This command is cumulative. That means that every time the command is issued, ~<num> is added to the \"non-upload\" timer. That said, ~<num> can also contain a negative number if you want to decrease the timer.

To make sure this feature is not abused, a \"credit\" system exist. For each minute of upload, you receive 1 credit (maxed out at 300). For each credit, you can disable upload for 1 minute. Thus, you may disable upload for at most 5 hours (300 credits max = 60 min * 5 hrs) at once, and then you must spend another 5 hours uploading to regain credits.

Please note that issuing nu command does not stop _all_ outgoing traffic of MLDonkey (Overnet, searches, etc...), and doesn't affect incoming traffic at all, so it's not a total solution for your urgent traffic needs, but rather a partial and temporary relief. If you _really_ need all the bandwidth for something else, it'd be better to quit the core altogether (by issuing kill command, or suspending (by using kill -STOP) or killing it from your shell


> vu
Upload credits : 300 minutes
Upload disabled for 0 minutes

> nu 1
upload disabled for 1 minutes (remaining credits 299)

> nu 10
upload disabled for 11 minutes (remaining credits 289)

> nu -6
upload disabled for 5 minutes (remaining credits 294)

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