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Preview MLdonkey way of previewing partial files (the core forking a player with the temp file as argument) has several limitations:

To get rid of those limitations, the core can now (from 2.5-14 onward) stream temp files thru HTTP, allowing previewing thru vlc (VideoLan player), mplayer, and possibly others.





vlc '~http://localhost:4080/preview_download?q~7'=

Another way to preview files, by sIbOk

Also if you're running mldonkey on a remote machine and kmldonkey on another one it's possible to make use of the preview function. I have mldonkey running remotely, with user and password, and kmldonkey on a separate machine. To use the preview function the mldonkey service must be running in kcontrol, KDE components and services administrator. Then you can install mplayer, xine or both. You also can install kmplayer which comes with kxineplayer and in the preview function from kmldonkey you could choose betwen mplayer and xine player. Also it's possible to preview file with some netscape plugins and without kmplayer, i think they are nsplugins. So to sumarize you have the option to preview with kmplayer using xine or mplayer or the netscape plugins using mplayer. Preview of images also will work well and other file types that are associated with programs also should work. If you have both installed you should go to konqueror -> preferences -> configure konqueror-> file assosiations and for example ther eyou can select video->avi and in the embeded tab you can select the service you prefer. This service preference setting is the one kmldonkey will use to preview.

Also previews work well in sancho, i tested it in a M$ XP SO. Others administration Guis that could be handy are G2Gui and mldonkey watch.

Finally if you have a login and password like me you can preview files starting mplayer from the console: gmplayer -user <user_name> -passwd <password> ''

Hope it helps someone

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