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Name of the program that will be started by the core when the user ask for a file preview. The first argument received is the file \"best name\" (name it will have once committed, if you don't select another one in the meanwhile). The second argument is the file \"real name\", or the name of the temp file used to download it.

Since each file format usually needs its own reader for previewing, the \"previewer\" program should be a script, that dispatchs the previewing task to the right program.

The core stops until the previewing script ends, so be sure to start previewing programs in background (\"&\" and end of line). Otherwise previewing will kill your downloads and uploads.

mldonkey comes with a default sh script, called mldonkey_previewer, but feel free to replace the previewers with your favorite ones, or to add previewers for more file formats.

The previewer will be forked off the core, so X window previewers (including xterms!) won't work if the core is not itself running from under X. If the core is running as another user and/or at another machine you should also check that it is authorized to access your X session.%%% Hack to try:

at the beginning of the preview script...

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