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~> priority <level> <file num 1> ~[[<file num 2> ...]]


~> priority ~<abslevel> <file num 1> ~[[<file num 2> ...]]=


_Update 15. April 2003:_

Newer MLdonkey versions use the priority parameter differently. now it determines which files are being actively downloaded, and which are sent into a waiting queue. The parameter max_concurrent_downloads determines how many files will be downloaded at any time.

The priority levels can be set from -100 to 100. Unless you use the ~=<abslevel> syntax, the <level> value is a relative amount; So, if your file already has the amount 30, and you enter 40, it will become 70 (30+40), if you enter -20, it will become 10 (30-20), etc.

To show the priorities in the Gtk GUI, right click on some column title/add column after...->priority. However, it seems that the priorities are not being updated. Until this is fixed, you'll have to reconnect to the mldonkey core to update them.%%% Also it can set them only to high/medium/low, that stand for priorities 10, 0 and -10. With the commandline interface, you can freely set the priority, and it is shown as the last column of the vd output.

_\"~priority works for me. But do not expect a rare file with high priority to get downloaded faster than a very popular file with a low priority. It plays on the order requests are sent to servers, the priority of files coming from a given source (if several of your files are available on some source(s), and of course if you use max_concurrent_downloads. Positive priorities also modify the relative sockets priority (when several downloads are running in parallel) but that should have no effect unless you saturate your downlink (unusual, at least for me ;) )\" /Pango_

_older, probably obsolete description:_

\" For the priority, it means that a connection downloading such a file should be able to use (1+ priority/5) times the bandwidth allowed for one \"normal\" connection. 0 is the default, negative values are forbiden, and 30 may be a good value.

By the way, there is only a command, because it is just for testing: not saved in options, not available in vd, not available in GUI,...\"

mldonkey himself, in [1]

MLdonkey 2.02-9 (?) uses differently for downloading files, asking sources for higher priority files first, so this description is certainly now partially obsolete.


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