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As far as I know, the official edonkey client never provided any mean for peers to exchange sources addresses between them: they always had to rely on servers.

MLdonkey was the first client to provide such feature; To be fully compatible with existing protocol, it just faked "sources reply" UDP server packets to send sources to other peers.

Limitations were :

Later, eMule developers added a protocol extension for sources exchange. They took a totally different route, using a new packet type. This scheme does not suffer from above limitations.

Since MLdonkey now also supports eMule sources exchange extension, its own sources propagation mecanism should be considered obsolete, and disabled. That can be done by setting propagate_sources false. (eMule sources exchange is always enabled).

// this doesn't appear correct when compared to the description in donkey.ini:

        Allow mldonkey to propagate your sources to other donkey clients 

Then fix the comment /Pango

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