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~> share  <directory>
~> share  <priority> <directory>
~> share  <priority> <directory> <strategy>


Adds a directory that will be shared, including (or not) subfolders.

The option priority will reserve this many extra upload slots for files in this directory. Thus, it should be better labeled "additional upload slots", but this is somewhat long ;-). This option is good for people that want to release their own files, for example, while at the same time sharing other popular files. If not specified, priority is "0" (no reserved slot).

Strategy option is in mldonkey since 2.5-4+3. Strategies of sharing can be defined in searches.ini (recursive or not, min file size, max file size, extensions, networks).

"all_files": recursively all files (default)
"only_directory": not recursive, all files
"mp3s": recursively .mp3 < 10 MB
"avis": recursively .avi > 500 MB
"incoming_files": not recursive, all files. Commited files will be sent there. (2.5.30=<)
"incoming_directories": not recursive, all files.
 Commited directories like multifile BT downloads will be sent there. (2.5.30=<)
incoming/files, with strategy "incoming_files".
incoming/directories, with strategy "incoming_directories".
shared/, with strategy "all_files". (2.5-4+3 and above only)

Network filtering is currently not implemented. When it is, strategies will allow to share files on the networks that work best for their kind (for whatever reason).

If you run reshare after the share command, the new files will be immediately shared. Otherwise, it may take some time (up to one minute).


~> share 5 /home/release_dir

gives five extra upload-slots to this directory only (subdirs aren't shared).

~> share 0 /home/movies avis

share *.avi files stored in /home/movies and its subdirectories, using common upload slots only.

See also

ShareFiles, reshare, unshare, shares, uploaders, shared_directories, shared_extensions, max_upload_slots, dynamic_slots

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