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SoulSeek is a simple filesharing network, much like Napster.

It is centered around alternative music, for which it is amazingly efficient. It does not feature, nor does it seem to need any complex functions like multisource download, and is server based. Success on the network relies partly upon social skills, as the community and chat functions are important. A recommendations system was lately re-introduced to help people with likewise tastes find each other.


In October 2003 the old domain ~ was lost due to unknown reasons and taken over by a _communication firm_ from austria, trying to feed unaware visitors with dialers. Official News source is

Actually it seems like there is only one soulseek server on the list of servers of mldonkey, is the only or are more?

There are two servers : (the main one) and (Slsk Isle, mainly used for tests and often offline)

28-Nov.2003: Changes are being made to the network infrastructure. is the official addess of the server.

Note that as long MLDonkey is not able to upload you will find yourself in a very hostile environment, (does that mean that even search is disabled ?)

Linux and OSX Clients written in Python are available: _PySlsk_ and its successor _Nicotine_ Both of these clients require lots of python-gtk libraries, so think again before deciding to install them.

However there is a client completely written in c++ and it's called museek and you can find it here .

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