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Using Ssh Tunnel to remote control mldonkey

Assume your mldonkey runs on a secured box listening only on localhost for gui connections (port 4001). If the box allows ssh connections and port-forwarding, simply connect from your client workstation (e.g. on work) with an ssh terminal.

ssh -L4001:

This sets up a tunnel from your client to yourbox. All communications will be encrypted. Now simply connect your mldonkey gui to localhost using the default settings.

This works also for Cygwin using openssh.

Using Putty to tunnel

Putty is a small and handy telnet/ssh application for windows. It does not require an install. (I never leave home without a floppy disc with putty =). Get it from

  1. Fill in the fields for a normal ssh connection to your remote machine.
  2. Add, in the "Tunnels" section, source port 4001 and destination Ensure that "Local" is selected and press add. (For telnet replace 4001 with 4000 and for the webinterface replace 4001 with 4080.)
  3. Open the session and log in as usual.
  4. Now you can connect your local gui to localhost:4001.


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