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Ok, so i happen to download lots of files at the same time, and my temp partition regularly fills up. One way to get rid of this dire situation would of course be to delete an unfinished file to make place for others to complete. But hey, this is Unix, so there sure is a better way to cope with this situation?


Stop the donkey, then move one temp file (preferably one that is almost completed) onto a different partition. then do a symlink in the temp dir to this moved file:%%% % ln -s /<other partition>/<temp_file_name> .%%%

if you start the donkey now, the symlink will be handled like the file really is in the temp dir.

Note that you have to delete the temp file by hand once it has been finished, because only the symlink will be deleted, not the real file.

Another flavour to do the same:

Is not necessary to stop the client...

$ cd /path/mldonkey/temp/

$ du -c -h *|egrep '^[0-9]*M\>' |sort -g |tail -3

519M urn_ed2k_46CC8095AEDC03DAA487BD71FFC82191
529M urn_ed2k_9554502CF107C4DFB036B42C8EC815BE
567M urn_ed2k_650F388DF02486CB903F4FFC21E1367B

Then go to your client and pause the download corresponding to \"urn_ed2k_650F388DF02486CB903F4FFC21E1367B\".

$ mv urn_ed2k_650F388DF02486CB903F4FFC21E1367B /path/another_partition/
$ ln -s /path/another_partition/urn_ed2k_650F388DF02486CB903F4FFC21E1367B urn_ed2k_650F388DF02486CB903F4FFC21E1367B

Then back to your client and send the comand 'close_fds' and 'resume' the download of \"urn_ed2k_650F388DF02486CB903F4FFC21E1367B\". That's all. These method always work for me.

Style corrections are wellcome, :-)

Q: what if the partial files are completed, while the partition of incoming directory has still insufficient space for them? are the completed files to be moved into incoming directory or not? anyway thanks for this instruction. :-)

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