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verbosity is used for Debugging.

there is another option log_clients_on_console that is currently disabled by default, leading to lots of output to the console. MLdonkeyOutputExplained explains the meaning. this output cannot be dis/enabled with the verbosity option yet.

A space-separated list of keywords. Each keyword triggers printing information on the corresponding messages:

mc debug client messages
mr (or raw) debug raw messages
mct debug client tags
ms debug server messages
verb debug other (recommended value for verbose output)
sm debug source management (give multiple times to increase verbosity)
net debug network on the socket level
file debug Unix32 file handling
gui debug sent and received GUI messages
no-login disable login messages
do some download warnings
up some upload warnings
unk unknown messages
ov overnet
loc debug source research
share debug sharing
md4 md4 computation
connect debugs connecting (guessed)
udp debugs UDP messages (guessed)
swarming debugs Swarming
hc debugs the internal HTTP client
hs debugs the internal HTTP server
act debugs activity (whatever that means)
bw debugs bandwidth (management?) on the socket level
unexp debugs unexpected messages sent to MLDonkey

Developers: There might be new verbosity options available or some were dropped. Kindly have a look at src/daemon/common/ (search for "option_hook verbosity") and kindly update this page.


Default value

Default value for verbosity is empty string (no verbosity).


This option is stored in downloads.ini


Display verbose client messages, server messages and download warnings:

> set verbosity "mc ms do"

Display debug mesages in all modules:

> set verbosity "all"

Turn all debug messages off:

> set verbosity ""

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