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Wap Interface

The Wap Interface is very simple and currently provides this functions:

Usage of the Wap Interface

You could use the Wap Interface to access MLDonkey with your cellphone. Your cellphone must support WAP/GRPS.

Add a new Bookmark to your cellphone pointing to this URL:


yourusername = one of your ui users. default is \"admin\" yourpassword = the password of the user (\"admin\" password is by default empty) yourinternetip = your ip or dnsname, accessable from the internet yourwebinterfaceport = the webinterface port by default 4080

You not need the \"yourusername:yourpassword@\" part. but it is recommed, because it could be very hard to always insert username and password with the number keys of your cellphone.

The Wap Interface displays the current Download/Upload Speed and a list of all Downloads.

In front of each Download you could see a \"P C\" or \"R C\".. P means pause an download. R does a Resume and C cancels a download.

_Warning: there is no warning message when you pause/resume/cancel a download!

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