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Open the WebUI

Click this link: http://admin@

Downloading from ed2k://, fha://, sig2dat://, http:// and ftp:// links

Various browser extensions use WebUI to submit download links.

Input from WebUI's command line:

Right click over the ed2k link and select something like "Copy Link Location", then go to WebUI's page then paste the link over the text input near "Input" button, then click "Input" button. The WebUI will anwser "done" and your download can been seen if you click "Transfers" button.

It will work for ed2k://, fha://, sig2dat:// links, but you may need use the command "dllink" before http:// or ftp:// links. In fact always you can use dllink, but sometimes it is just implict. For no error use the command "dllink" and paste the URL.


dllink ed2k://|file|SuSE_Linux_V8.1_CD1.iso|681148416|259B098646798C556F5BF1CDC684D459|/
dllink fha://|file|XDonkey.dmg|4095788|d9224da0048123a9f1e6eb4751c22347|
dllink sig2dat://|File:Virtualdub-1_4_10.zip|Length:711077Bytes,694KB|UUHash:6QbuEMkaIrmrm7UBmZT9SqEU6GQ|
dllink http://www.open-bits.org/download.php/406/Openoffice_1.1.4_Linuxintel_install.tar.gz.torrent
dllink ftp://xdonkey.macdk.net/dl/XDonkey.dmg

Searching and Downloading

Now in the small frame, a few links are displayed. This are different Methods to search, which should be explained somewhere in this wiki (Please link it here if you found it). If you searched Web Based (eg. Jigle, you have to start the Download manually as described above. (Maybe someone could write a Jigle Search Interface with automatic download links like maurice did :) )
Configure your browser so that ed2k:// links are sent to the core (urlslave, etc)

Can I use Boolean Search Options (and/or) ? I use the command line "s word1 word2" to search for word1 AND word2, since i failed to do it with the "custom search" form.

Hit the button "View Searches". And click the Search Number you want to look at. A click on the file you want directly downloads it then.

Hit the button "View Searches", press the "Forget" link besides the search you are no longer interested in.

Read the Downloads Page Section below. Check the "Cancel"-box and then hit the "Submit-Changes" Button. Your download is canceled then and the Part files are deleted. (Therefore: use with caution).

Does anyone know anything about the extend search Button ??? I don't feel it works. Extended Search is asynchronous, clicking on the button starts extended search, but you have to check search results from time to time to see the new results. The message "extended search done" is misleading, and should be modified in "extended search started", for example /Pango

The Downloads Page

The meaning of the output on the downloads page is following:

Sharing files

To add a directory with files to share go to Options -> Shares -> Add Share, a window will pop up asking you a directory. You should inform a priority number, space, directory, then click "OK".

format: {priority} {path} (share strategy)


Do not put a trailing backslash after paths in mlDonkey under windows or it will give you an error. The share strategy parameter is optional, it will default to "directory only" These are the predefined share strategies as defined in the share page:

Listing shared files

As of now, from web interface, it's quite unclear what files are shared; what files are being hashed, etc. The closest possibility would be to go to Transfers -> Uploads; the list of your shared files will be there, but it might not be correct, and clicking 'Reshare' doesn't seem to help.

Customizing the Web Interface

The current Web Interface is everything but compliant to any HTML standard and can cause problems with some browsers (flaws like a missing <!DOCTYPE> and </FORM> tags appearing single between </TR> and </TR> can cause a lot of confusion).

However there is the possibility to write own HTML code that will get embedded in the <BODY> of the HTML pages. You need to create a folder html_themes in your mlnet folder and in this folder one (or more) subfolder(s) with a custom name of your choice. In each of these subfolders you need to provide a set of .html, .css, and .js files containing your custom HTML code. You can select each of this subfolders in Options -> Style/Theme to load your set of files.

The files you need are:

To get started you can copy the folders and files in distrib/html_themes from the mldonkey source folder to your html_themes folder and edit them.

Unfortunately I don't see a way to change the HTML header and add an appropriate <!DOCTYPE>.


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