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This option contains the list of IP addresses of the computers that are allowed to take control over the mldonkey client (i.e., to connect to the interface ports). By default, only localhost ( is allowed.

allowed_ips is a non-scalar option that accepts a list of values. For a detailed explanation on how to set options with multiple values, see EnteringMultipleValues.

Beside individual IP addresses, it is also possible to specify NetworkRanges. However, think twice before doing so, as it's a severe security risk.

If you prefer accessing your core through an authenticated, encrypted, and optionally compressed channel, set up SshTunnel.

Default value

allowed_ips defaults to


This option is stored in downloads.ini


> set allowed_ips ""

will set allowed_ips to [""; ""] (in the format expected in downloads.ini), and will allow connections to the interface ports from localhost and

CIDR notation

Since version 2.8.0 now supports other syntax as well

5264: allowed_ips: Support CIDR address/mask format and IP ranges (pango)
* old syntax is converted to CIDR format:
  - ->
  - ->
  - ->
  - ->
* new possible syntax, to calculate:
  - CIDR, like ( -
  - IP ranges, like -

When upgrading old syntax is converted automatically, not when downgrading

older versions can not read the new syntax so you have to adjust allowed_ips again.

See also

MultiUser, SshTunnel, http_password, http_login, bind_addr, password

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