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If you are upgrading your mldonkey from an older version, you may want to do a Clean install.

Therefor you should do the following:

  1. Install mldonkey in a new directory.
  2. Move the temp, incoming and shared directories from your old installation to your new directory.
  3. Copy friends.ini, files.ini and shared_files_new.ini from your old directory to the new directory. This is to insure that the temp directory is recognized properly and the data for your fully downloaded files is correct.
  4. Start mlnet, this will also create the remaining ini files with proper defaults.
  5. Stop mlnet again.
  6. Check the following settings against your old configuration in donkey.ini.
    This is especially important if you are behind a firewall router, see also: What firewall ports to open
  7. Check the following settings against your old configuration in downloads.ini

When you now start mlnet everything should be fine. You can fine tune the other options at your leasure.

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