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There are three manner of debugging, you can use all at same time:

  1. strace logs
  2. mlnet logs
  3. running mlnet under gdb

__Strace logs__

strace mlnet  1>mlnet-stdout.txt 2>mlnet-stderr.txt

As described in Linux I/O Redirection, this will save the stdout and stderr to text files.

Send both files to the developers for debugging after the crash.

__mlnet logs__

In mldonkey console (telnet or gui), type this

set verbosity all (for doing paranoid logging, see verbosity wiki page for more info) set log_file /tmp/mlnetlog (or other location for saving the log)

open_log (for enabling log)

Send the log to the developers for debugging after the crash.

__running mlnet under gdb__

GDB is the debugging brother of GCC. For this, is recommended to compiling the kernel with ./configure --enable-debugging (put your other own stuff you add for enabling networks or other). After this, there are two options:

gdb mlnet

But with this you can't use strace at same time.

ps auxww|grep mlnet

Then appears this:

1000 14084 32.1 4.5 28452 23212 pts/2 R+ 11:21 0:02 mlnet

Where the bold number is the pid. Then simply put this:

gdb --pid= (number of the pid)

2.4 Logging output

You may want to save the output of GDB commands to a file. There are several commands to control GDB's logging.

set logging on
Enable logging
set logging off
Disable logging
set logging file FILE
Change the name of the current logfile. The default logfile is gdb.txt. This command has to be issued before enabling logging.
set logging overwrite [off|on]
By default, GDB will append to the logfile. Set this to "on" if you want set logging on to overwrite the logfile instead.
set logging redirect [off|on]
By default, GDB output will go to both the terminal and the logfile. Set this to "on" if you want output to go only to the log file.
show logging
Show the current values of the logging settings.

( Incomplete, don't know how to saving all info to logs like stdout and stderr but showing them in screen like always, for doing bt after crash).

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