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Technical background

Unlike most P2P clients, such as eDonkey2000, MLdonkey application does not contain user interface; it's merely a P2P engine built for exchanging files, and interaction with the user is left to the UserInterfaces. Albeit it might seem to be inconvenient at the first glance, such an open architecture actually provides great flexibility, allowing third parties to implement and customize the way MLdonkey's status displays look to the end user.

Another benefit of having core separated from the user interface is remote manageability. It doesn't make any difference whether the core and the interface part are running on the same computer or on two boxes half the world apart, or even what operating system do these machines run. This architecture allows you to go on vacation without losing control over the whole download process, taking a peek at what's going on back at home by the means of a web browser, telnet or even WAP-enabled cellphone.

Yet another way to monitor the progress of your downloads is by utilizing one of numerous MLdonkey Guis. While it lacks the universality (you'll have to install the program on the computer you're going to perform the monitoring from), it's so far the prettiest looking one.

MLdonkey Gui clients

Client Information

General Information Features
Name Latest Release Active Development Linux/Unix Windows MacOSX Other Connection Language Launch/Kill Core Charts Chat Multi Language Customize
Alemula 0.5 (2003-04-29) No Yes ? ? ? PHP ? ? No ? ?
CocoDonkey 0.25 (2003-01-01) No No4 No Yes Telnet ? Yes Yes No No No
G2Gui 0.3.0 No Yes Yes ? GUI-Protocol Java ? ? ? ? ?
JMoule 0.3 No Yes Yes Yes GUI-Protocol Java No No No No Yes
KMLdonkey 2.0.2 Yes Yes ? ? GUI-Protocol QT4/C++ no/yes No No Yes Yes
MLAndroid ? Yes No No No Android ? Java (Dalvik) No No No ? ?
MLdonkeyGtkUi as MLDonkey Yes Yes ? ? GUI-Protocol GTK+/OCaml ? ? ? ? ?
MLdonkeyWatch 2.00-20030409 No No2 Yes No GUI-Protocol Delphi no/yes Yes Yes No No
mlMac 0.7.5 No No4 No Yes GUI-Protocol Cocoa Yes No No Yes No
Nulu GUI ML 1.0.1 (2011-08-30) Yes No No No Android GUI-Protocol Java (Dalvik) No No No ? No
phpEselGui 0.6.2.pre1 No Yes ? ? Telnet PHP no/yes Yes No No Yes
Platero 0.2 No Yes No No GUI-Protocol QT3/C++ ? Yes Yes ? ?
Rmldonkey 0.62 (2014-06-19) Yes Yes Yes Yes Telnet JRuby/Swing No No No No No
saman 2003-05-06 No Yes Yes Yes Telnet PHP no/yes No No Yes Yes
Sancho 0.9.4-59 ? Yes Yes Yes5 GUI-Protocol Java Yes No Yes1 Yes No
Web-GMUI 0.2.8 No Yes Yes ? GUI-Protocol D no/yes No No No Yes
WebUI as MLDonkey Yes Yes Yes Yes web HTTP OCaml no/yes No Yes6 Yes Yes3
xDonkey 1.5 No ? No Yes GUI-Protocol Cocoa ? ? ? ? ?
Zuul 1.4 No Yes ? ? Telnet PHP ? ? ? ? ?

Note 1: irc, yahoo
Note 2: works with wine
Note 3: via CSS
Note 4: may work with GNUstep
Note 5: needs the x11 environment
Note 6: chat in directconnect network

Further Discussion

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