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The official source tree is currently hosted by Savannah. This page contains a brief introduction to CVS.


Fresh checkout (once)

cvs -z3 co -P mldonkey

New directory mldonkey is created. It contains all sources and CVS directories for CVS bookkeeping (do not remove them!). All operations below should be started from this newly created directory (cd mldonkey).

Update (periodically)

cvs -q -z3 up -dPA

Update and discard local changes

cvs -q -z3 up -dPAC

Check diffs (see your local changes)

cvs diff -u -w

Apply a patch

BSD users: use gpatch instead.

patch -p0 -E -s < .../some.patch     

If no errors occur you are ready to recompile.

Check out a specific version (creates new directory)

cvs -z3 co -r <release tag> -P mldonkey

Update existing sources to a specific version

cvs -q -z3 up -dPA -r <release tag>

Release tags can be found in distrib/ChangeLog (e.g. release-3-0-1).

Look up release tags present in CVS repository

You can also look up the tags in the CVS by checking the status of some file (e.g. ChangeLog):

cvs -q -z3 stat -v distrib/ChangeLog

Output will show the full status of the file, including all tags attached to it.

Switch to branch

(Currently not needed as only single branch is used).

To get the newest version from a branch enter the mldonkey source directory, then update from cvs using the branch tag:

cvs -q -z3 upd -dP -r <branch tag>

All further updates not using the 'A' option will update to the latest version on the branch.

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