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Mldonkey gives you a lot of output if you want to. Sometimes, it is hard to understand what all the numbers mean. This page should help to understand some of the output, mldonkey generates.

verifySignature: BER decode error

this debugmessage comes from CryproPP code, read this Forum post for more infos


The latest CVS of mldonkey (2.02-7) generates a lot of output to the console by default. This behavior can be changed by setting the log_clients_on_console to false. The output means the following:

18:27:59  Sun: ~  ~[[new eMule ]]
Time---------> <-- Client Name     --->  <C. Type > <I            :Port >

connected for 67 secs rank 1227       bw   190/489   banned  0/1 reqs
<duration of conn.  > <queue place>  <written/read>          <read/sent requests>

Produced by the following code snippet:

  List.iter (fun r ->
      match r.request_result with
      || File_chunk -> Buffer.add_char buf 'C'
      || File_upload -> Buffer.add_char buf 'U'
      || File_not_found -> Buffer.add_char buf '-'
      || File_found -> Buffer.add_char buf '+'
      || File_possible -> ()
      || File_expected -> ()
      || File_new_source -> ()

(Taros666, stolen from Sven Hartge from Mailinglist)

Error Not_found in udp_handler

Connection refused : connect
chat_app_host<code>localhost chat_app_port</code>5036

Either run MLchat locally to receive MLdonkey notifications, or disable chat_warning_for_downloaded

Cannot create Security space file:
 not enough space on device or bad permissions

Check that the core has write access on the directory you start it from (and on temp and incoming subdirs too, while you're at it), and that there's at least 1MB is free disk space (having more free disk space is highly recommended !)

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