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MLdonkey modular design allows developing program features as small components called plugins. Most plugins are unrelated to each other, clearly separating the work and providing a good degree of autonomy to the developers.

There can be plugins for almost anything _computable_: downloading from P2P networks and other file transfer protocols, chating, generating reports or brewing coffee, you name it.

List of Current (and not so) Plugins

File Transfer

Name Description Status Web Page
eDonkey The first used by MLdonkey (call me Sherlock!). It could also be called eMule, because the free client is taking it over ;-) Also handles the Overnet and eMule Kademlia(official implementation is still beta) protocols. This is the best P2P network for most purposes, with wide variety and quantity of sources. Solid Rocking [1]
BitTorrent A very innovative protocol, the best for BIG files (1GB+). You need a good tracker with lots of clients for it to work great, though. It's not a P2P network, so you must find the trackers using other mediums, mostly web sites and Gnutella. Stable [2]
Gnutella (Formerly LimeWire) Already an oldtimer, recently fixed to scale well, has a big userbase . . working, boot Gwebcache problems [3]
Gnutella2 A revamped protocol by the folks of the Shareaza client. It tries to overcome the problems with G1, and probably does, but still has a long way to go through popularity (specially with the other G1 clients developers ;-). working, boot Gwebcache problems [4]
DirectConnect DC groups its users in small communities, called hubs, trying to enforce sharing for all the users. Usually you need a minimal number of shared GB to connect, and the private hubs further filter its users by requiring registration. So, even if they lack some variety, you can obtain good performance in a well-managed hub. Working, fresh new!! [5]
OpenNapster  ? Abandoned/Removed [6]
FastTrack The network used by Kazaa. Well, besides _Altnet_. Weak hashing allows for unnoticed fakes and corruption. Continuous changes in the protocol (_security_ upgrades) makes hard for alternative clients to stay compatible. Has quite a number of users, though. It's the devil, stay away! ;-) Stable (No upload) [7]
SoulSeek Centralized server regrouping communities dedicated to musical minorities mainly. Abandoned/Removed - Download has worked sometimes with "slsk option" off.No upload [8]
Audiogalaxy Audiogalaxy is now dead, Long Live Audiogalaxy! Who cares? [9]
OpenFT Born after the giFT folks got tired of FastTrack _security_ upgrades. Stable? [10]
FileTP Implements basic file transfer protocols, currently HTTP, FTP and SSH. Nothing like a direct download ;-) (Beta?) Works very well FileTP


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