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non-scalar options containing a list of directories whose contents are to be shared. As with most non-scalar options, shared_directories cannot be directly edited or seen from the interface; it is found in the downloads.ini config file instead.

Each item on the list contains a directory path, a list of networks on which to share the files from that directory, the applicable sharing strategy, and the directory's priority.

To add a shared directory, use a share command; similarily, the unshare command removes a directory from the shared list. Use the reshare command to automatically detect the files that have been moved or removed from the shared directories.

Files in each of the directories are shared according to the corresponding sharing strategy. Hidden files and directories (i.e. those with names starting with a dot, ".") are not shared. Do not confuse this with the "hidden." prefix hack (files whose name start with "hidden." are shared, but not visible to others when they browse your files list).

Default value

By default, shared_directories contains the directory called "shared" in MLdonkey's home directory with the "all_files" sharing strategy.

Version 2.5.29:

"incoming_directory", replaced by "shared_directories", with sharing strategy "incoming_files" (for downloaded files) and "incoming_directories" (for downloaded directories on Bittorrent).


This option is stored in downloads.ini


shared_directories = [
  {     dirname = "<dir1>"
     networks = [[]]
     strategy = all_files
     priority = 0
  {     dirname = "<dir2>"
     networks = [[]]
     strategy = all_files
     priority = 0

See also

share, unshare, reshare, non-scalar options, EnteringMultipleValues, shared_extensions


'priority' is described in share. If you provide a priority, it will reserve as many extra upload slots for files in this directory. this is good for people that want to release own files, for example, while at the same time sharing other popular files. If not specified, priority is "0" (no reserved slot).

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